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Monday, April 20, 2009

Missy Peregrym Sexy Random Photos

Missy Peregrym was born on June 16, 1982, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. While still just a toddler, Melissa -- along with her mother, father and two sisters -- moved to British Columbia, where she spent the majority of her youth engaged in a host of athletic endeavors. Acting and modeling never even crossed young Melissa’s mind, and the tomboy kept busy by participating in a variety of competitive sports (including soccer, field hockey and basketball).

After graduating from high school, Melissa -- nicknamed Missy -- took on a job as a basketball coach and seemed certain that she was going to spend the rest of her life working in a similar capacity. But by the time she was 18 years old, Missy had discovered the glamorous world of modeling, appearing in advertisements for such high-profile companies as Sprint and Mercedes-Benz. She discovered that she had a real affinity for posing in front of the camera, and it wasn’t long before Missy decided to attempt a career as an actress.

Fortunately, Missy didn’t have to travel very far to start the grueling auditioning process in Vancouver, which is less than an hour away from her home. The city was (and still is) a hotbed for a variety of television and film shoots. In 2002, at the age of 19, Missy booked her very first paying gig -- a small role in an episode of the Jessica Alba sci-fi vehicle Dark Angel. Though it was far from a substantial role, the lure of performing proved irresistible to Missy, and the would-be actress threw herself into as many auditions as she could find. Her hard work and determination led to appearances on a variety of Vancouver-shot television shows, including Smallville, Jake 2.0 and Tru Calling.

In 2004, Missy appeared in two locally shot films: the made-for-TV drama Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss and the now-infamous Halle Berry bomb, Catwoman. She also had a starring role on a new ABC high-school drama called Life As We Know It. While the series was generally well-reviewed by the critics and even managed to garner a small, loyal following, ABC cancelled it after only 11 airings. Disappointed by the show’s failure, Missy kept a fairly low profile over the next couple of years -- although she did resurface on three online mini-episodes of Smallville in 2006.

That same year, Missy successfully auditioned for the central role in Stick It -- a Disney sports drama written and directed by Bring It On scripter Jessica Bendinger. Also featuring Jeff Bridges and Vanessa Lengies, Stick It stars Missy as a rebellious athlete who is forced to participate in a gymnastics training school after causing thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Though it received a critical drubbing, Stick It went on to become a sleeper hit and definitively established Missy as an up-and-coming actress that is worth watching.

Now living in Los Angeles, it seems fairly clear that Missy will be around for a long while.


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